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How K9 Community Movement Started

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Want to know who we are and how we started? There is a great story behind it all and it involves a Doberman Pinscher named Tank!

Hello, my name is Brooke Mihajlovich and I am the owner and founder of K9 Community Movement! I am going to give you guys a run down about how this all began and how I got here today. I am not a professional blogger, so bear with me, but I am so excited to share my story!


I strongly believe that fate brought me to where I am, along with a lot of hard work and passion.

I grew up around animals, horses, dogs, chickens, cows, and when I say “grew up around” I mean, I LOVEDD animals! I rode horses for 10 years before going off to college and pursued my degree in the medical field. My other passion along with animals, is helping people. Which is what lead me to go to college right out of high school to get a degree in the medical field. I worked in Nuclear Medicine for 5 years and ended up moving out to Indianapolis Indiana, where I met my now husband! We both grew up with Dobermans and our love for them is substantial, we both knew right away that we wanted to get one together. But not just get one, we wanted he/she to be well trained. My husband and I are very active people and love to run, hike, bike, camp etc.… So, we wanted to make sure the dog we got would be able to join us in all of our adventures! We also dreamed about being an advocate for the Doberman Pinscher breed. They are all too often thought of as scary and mean! One reason we wanted to pursue dog training with him was to represent his breed in a positive way and encourage people not to discriminate. It’s all about how you raise them!

Meet Tank!


Having learned so much about dog behavior and training with Tank, I wanted to keep learning more. Margaret became a mentor and close friend as she saw that we shared a similar passion. I started working part time at Purpose Driven K9 in addition to my full-time job and it became clear that it was something I was meant to do. My husband and I relocated to Bremerton Washington May 2020 for his job. In the midst of COVID-19 my options for a job in our new location was pretty much non-existent. Which is what lead me here, creating a small dog training business in the PNW. It was meant to be that I got involved with dog training and then had the time to take a leap of faith to start my own business. I am extremely passionate about helping people and their dogs enjoy their best life together and do the things they love! My two passions, helping animals and helping people have collided, in the best way! I am so excited to share with you guys what K9 Community Movement is all about! My mission is to help the community get out and be active doing what they love with their dogs! Do you love yoga? Hiking? Paddle boarding? Boating? Running? Camping? Going to outdoor restaurants? Do you feel like you can’t bring your dog because they are hyper and hard to control? Or they bark too much and you get embarrassed, do you feel like you have to leave them at home?

I’m here to help teach you how to do all of those things and more, with your dream dog next to you.

This is the start of a great journey and a small business set out to help a lot of people and their dogs!

-Brooke Mihajlovich

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