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Your Dream Dog

Let's dream up your perfect dog!


A lot of times we end up adopting a dog or getting a dog without having ever taken the time to make goals or dream about the ideal life you want to have with your dog! I’m here to help you dream up your perfect dog. Just like anything in your life, your career, spouse, yourself, hobbies, and everyday life… you have aspirations, intention and dreams about the “ideal” right?

I have found that a lot of dog owners never ask themselves this question!

“What would you be able to do with your dream dog?”

What do you already love to do in your everyday life? Do you love hiking? Biking? Kayaking? Photography? Going on runs/walks? Do you love taking your kids to the park? Boating? Fishing? Frisbee Golf? How about just sitting at the newest restaurant in town grabbing a drink with friends? Do you love hosting and having family/friends over? Playing tennis? Soccer or Basketball? The list can be endless…... but it’s different for everyone. The one thing that we have in common is that we often don’t bring along our dog to do any of these things!


Because we are far too often embarrassed by their behavior, pulling on the leash, jumping on people, barking and even having potty accidents! No wonder you don’t want to bring your dog with you! That’s a lot of work and doesn’t sound enjoyable at all!!


Our mission here at K9 Community Movement is to create a community where we do more of the things we love with our dog! The first step is to


The possibilities are endless, just use your imagination!

Do you want your dog to run with you next to your bicycle so you can both exercise?

Do you want your dog to walk nicely on leash with you so you can go to a farmer’s market with your friends and not worry about your dog jumping on people and kids?!

Do you want your dog to go camping with you and be able to set a boundary of where your campsite is without long leashes getting tangled everywhere?

Do you want your dog to be reliable off leash, so you can go hiking and not have them pull your arm off? (“Reliable” means actually coming when called!)

Do you want your dog to be able to hang out with you in your home-gym safely, while you workout?

Do you want to put your dog safely on your paddle-board/ kayak and enjoy the water together?

Do you want your dog to relax next to you while you are eating at a restaurant and enjoying the summer weather?

Do you want your dog to hang out with you and your kids at the park and not chase everything in sight?

Or even something as simple as being a calm companion for road trips?

All of these are possible with your dog if we first build a relationship with them through training! If we take the time to teach our dogs how to behave, they ultimately get so much more freedom and time with you doing the things you love!

I hope this has helped give you some inspiration about what your perfect dog would be and what you could do together! Whether you have a dog already or are planning on getting one, it’s not too late. Go write down exactly the type of things you want to do with your dog and how they would behave! Then let’s make that dream come true and go do more of the things we love with our dog!

-K9 Community Movement

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