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Our Story 

We created K9 Community Movement Dog Training to build a community where people can enjoy their life with their dog. Our mission is to help people do the things they love with their dog, while developing a better relationship along the way!

Our Philosophy 

Our philosophy encompasses multiple training strategies. We believe that building a strong relationship with your dog is most important to the success of your training. We strive to teach people how to be intentional with their dogs!



  • What are your COVID-19 precautions?
    For everyones safety, we kindly ask you bring your own mask. We do not have them to provide. There is little to no physical contact during Professional Evaluations and Lessons, but we are practicing social distancing! If you are feeling ill, please reschedule. We are taking extra precaution and disinfecting in-between customers. Let's laugh, that now our dogs think we are all wearing muzzles in public!!
  • How long will it take to train my dog?
    This depends on what issues and goals you and your dog may have, but the most important factor is how consistant you are with practicing at home with your dog! We give out personaized homework after every session to help keep track!
  • What type of training courses do you offer?
    We first require a professional evaluation to get to know you and your dog before committing to any training progam. Next we determine what training program is best for you and your dog. We offer private lesson packages that are one-on-one training. Lastly we want to encourage people to get out and do the things they love with thier dog, so after you have completed a training program we offer opportunites to get out in the community with your dog in a fun and safe enviroment.
  • Do you offer Puppy Classes?
    Yes! We offer puppy classes and especially encourage young pups to get a head start on socailizing and building confidence! Working with your dog while they are young can give you a great foundation to build upon for years to come of enjoyment with your dog!
  • What happens if I need help after my training course?
    We offer lifetime support! Via email or phone. Life changes and our dogs do also, once you complete training with us, we are here to help through any new circumstance life may throw at you! We want you to be successful with your dog!
  • What Vaccinations do I need to have before training?
    All dogs are required to be in good health and have the following vaccinations: Distemper, Parvo, and Rabies. We will request a copy for our records. All vaccinations must be administered by a veterinary professional.
  • Where are you located?
    We are serving Sun Prairie and the surrounding areas. Being a small business, we do not have a physical location yet! Appointment location will be assigned during scheduling and will take place around the Sun Prairie area.
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