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We have an Australian Labradoodle named Oakley. When he was about 6 months old, we knew we wanted to start obedience training. Brooke sat down with us to discuss our goals and any problems or questions we had. She developed a customized training plan that addressed our specific goals and needs. It allowed us to progress quickly through skills Oakley learned fast and spend additional time on things that were more challenging. She helped us understand that there are many methods to achieve a desired outcome and helped us determine what would work best for us. During our sessions together, Brooke demonstrated the skill and training technique with Oakley. She explained what she was doing, why she was doing it and pointed out what to look for so we knew how and when to offer praise or make a correction. After that, we were able to try for ourselves. She did a great job pointing out what we should pay attention to while answering questions along the way. By the end of each session, she made sure we felt comfortable with the new training techniques to practice on our own in the upcoming week.



She actively checked in with us throughout the week to see if we had any questions or issues while practicing at home. We quickly saw the passion Brooke has for dog training. She is very easy going and friendly. It was a pleasure working with her to train our dog. Training has allowed us to include Oakley in so many day to day events rather than feeling like we need to leave him at home. It has also strengthened our bond as a family. We highly recommend Brooke as a dog trainer.

What we learned from Brooke makes our daily lives easier. Discipline equals freedom.

- Christian & Megan Lee

Brooke is an incredible trainer! Sessions contained easy-to-follow techniques that brought out the best traits in our pup. 








Strategies on how to prevent reactive behaviors has also helped our pup learn to be a pleasant dining and store companion. In addition to lessons, Brooke provided take-home training sheets to monitor our pup’s progress (which we greatly appreciated), followed-up on our pup’s advancements and made herself available for additional questions and concerns. Brooke is friendly, professional, easy to reach and a superb communicator. We love her positive approach tailoring each session to our overall goals with our pup. We have seen significant progress and will continue to use the techniques in the years ahead.


We highly recommend Brooke to anyone looking for a personalized dog trainer. She is AMAZING!

Multiple aspects of communication and body language were explained helping to prevent leash-pulling and improved on/off-leash walks.

-Christina & Jimmy 


When I adopted my pitbull mix he struggled with reactivity and lacked confidence in new situations. He was not able to safely accompany me to most public places and would explode in a barking fit when he was uncomfortable. Brooke has been fantastic with him and has helped us so much! She is very patient to make sure he is comfortable during lessons and her methods are easy to understand. After each lesson she provided homework to keep us on track and she was easy to contact if we had any questions. 


My dog has improved so much after working with her and is now able to calmly accompany me to stores, parks and other public places.

He is even able to calmly nap before competing at agility trials. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to have a calm, well mannered dog, she is excellent!

-Abigail Johnson

I rescued a Min Pin mix at 10months old and decided she needed professional training a few months in due to her extreme anxiety with new places, people, and basic grooming. Over the course of 6 lessons Brooke helped me completely transform my dog into one that is much more calm and willing to listen to commands. She now heels on command, knows to wait on a cot when directed to, and has started to allow me to touch her nails (something that used to end with me being bitten and scratched).


I can now confidently state I can take her in public with me without being afraid of her reactions.


I also own a corgi that I am going to be working with Brooke with shortly, and cannot wait to begin. Completely recommend her as a trainer.

-Courtney Cook 

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